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Humble Multimodal

A Readable Introduction to Multimodal Communication

The Humble Multimodal guide

Humble Multimodal introduces you to the latest Big Thing in college writing — multimodal communication — and shows you how to use these ideas to make yourself a more effective college writer. This guide is presented as a free supplement to The Humble Argument. It's a work in progress, and at the moment, it consists of these four articles:

  1. A Brief Introduction to Multimodal Communication (10 July 2020)
    • What It Is
    • Why It's Worth Studying
  2. The Terminology of Multimodal Communication (17 July 2020)
    • The Rhetorical Situation
    • The Modes of Multimodal Communication
  3. The Multimodal College Paper (24 July 2020)
    • Assignment Instructions
    • General Formatting Conventions
  4. Using Academic Styles and Visual Elements (31 July 2020)
    • Academic Style Guides
    • Visual Elements within Your Paper

Here's how to order your own copy of The Humble Argument.

Individuals: Look for the print or ebook editions wherever you enjoy buying books, probably online. Search for then with these ISBNs:

Print: 978-1-7338885-1-6
Ebook: 978-1-7338885-3-0

Bookstores: Use the same ISBNs to order the print editions via Ingram's ipage.

Faculty: If you teach writing and would like an exam copy, email editor @ this domain from your faculty email account at an .edu domain. Tell us what you teach and where you teach it and maybe one thing that will surprise us. Include your mailing address.